20 Reasons To Love Americana, Day 8

Our blog showcasing standout examples of Americana that will be offered at the Winter Antiques Show January 19–29 at New York City’s Park Avenue Armory offers up a sneak peek at an item that will be on offer there but won’t answer the most obvious question.

 Visitors to the Winter Antiques Show are assured of finding fine examples of American folk art and standout examples of Eighteenth–Nineteenth Century American furniture in the booth of Woodbury, Conn., dealers David Schorsch and Eileen Smiles, but exactly what they will find at the show is a closely-guarded secret…at least until the show opens its doors January 19.

The detail photograph at right is obviously a piece of American-made furniture, but what is it? It could be a shell carved blanket chest, a desk or even a highboy… If you want to see the entire item however, you will have to go to the show. We can’t tell you … we actually don’t even know what it is.

The dealers prefer not to talk up — much less distribute photographs of — which items they will be bringing to shows in advance. Buyers are instead invited to walk the show floor and see what they discover there. “It is our goal to create surprise and excitement at the show with our works on sale,” Schorsch says.

For more information, www.americanantiqueart.com or 203-263-3131. Make sure to visit the dealers’ booth at the Winter Antiques Show to find out what is on display. For show information, www.winterantiquesshow.com or 212-987-0446.

–Andrea Valluzzo


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