20 Reasons to Love Americana, Day 10

Our blog series showcasing standout examples of Americana that will be offered at the Winter Antiques Show January 19–29 at New York City’s Park Avenue Armory takes a moment today to reflect on a style of English mirror that appeals to many Americana collectors.

While Hyde Park Antiques, New York City, specializes in Eighteenth–Nineteenth Century English furniture, the dealers have sold quite a few mirrors to Americana collectors.

This appealing example, a George II walnut and parcel gilt mirror, is similar in form to its American counterpart with a major difference being that American mirrors typically were constructed of mahogany while the English preferred walnut.

Most noteworthy about this mirror is its elegant proportions. The slightly elongated mirror stands 70½ inches tall and is 28½ inches wide. It is also surmounted with a swan’s neck pediment centered with an outstretched Ho-Ho bird, and most likely retains its original mirror plates. The mirror dates to 1745 and is in wonderful condition.

For more information, www.hydeparkantiques.com or 212-477-0033. Make sure to visit the dealer’s booth at the Winter Antiques Show to see this mirror and fine case pieces. For show information, www.winterantiquesshow.com or 212-987-0446.


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