20 Reasons To Love Americana, Day 14

Today’s blog in our series showcasing standout examples of Americana that will be offered at the Winter Antiques Show January 19–29 at New York City’s Park Avenue Armory looks at a piece of furniture that is most decidedly American but transcends several styles..

James & Nancy Glazer Antiques, Bailey Island, Maine, have been offering American antiques since 1969. Among the standouts they will feature at the show will be this relief carved and painted armchair, circa 1890–1910. The colorful and ornate chair originates out of Nauvoo, Ill., and stands 41 inches tall. In the Victorian tradition of “fantasy furniture” a creative use of snakes, birds, dragons and other mythological figures was a recurring theme.

“This exuberant use of ornately carved and painted elements is both imaginative and expertly executed. It is a celebration of color and form,” said James and Nancy Glazer.

For more information, www.glazerantiquesinventory.com or 207-833-6973. Make sure to visit the dealers’ booth at the Winter Antiques Show to see this and other fine antiques. For show information, www.winterantiquesshow.com or 212-987-0446.

-Andrea Valluzzo


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