A Trifecta Of Fine Americana

J. Howard rooster, Deep River Antiques

We continue our pursuit of standout examples of Americana and today’s blog entry focuses on a trio of fine objects that will be shown at Stella Show Mgmt Co.’s Americana & Antiques at the Pier Show January 21–22 at New York City’s Pier 92.

Dennis Robida of Deep River Antiques, Essex, Conn., will showcase a J. Howard rooster weathervane, zinc and copper, in his booth. J. Howard & Co. of Bridgewater, Mass., began making weathervanes as early as 1854 and is known for its craftsmanship and elegant forms among its vanes. This example has fine detailing on the metalwork and claws seen in this example.

Weathervanes often were modeled after animals forms, and fine examples include horses, whales and cows. Rooster vanes are especially prolific, and their roots have strong Christian symbolism. Early examples were placed high on the steeples on Christian churches where all could tell which way the wind was blowing, and symbolically, how easy faith, like the vane, could bend. The rooster itself is also symbolic of the apostle Peter, who the Bible says denied Christ three times before the rooster crowed.

For more information, contact Dennis Robida at 860-575-6742.

Detail image of lithograph, South Road Antiques

Susan Wechsler of South Road Antiques, Stanfordville, N.Y., will offer, a hand colored lithograph of George Washington in its original gilded frame in her booth at the show. The American print measures 26½ by  32½ inches and dates to the mid to late Nineteenth Century.

Many prints were made depicting Washington in the style of the iconic Gilbert Stuart portrait painted in the Eighteenth Century. “This striking portrait is unusual for its stark black background and overpainted areas of black ink that highlight the details of his coat. Washington’s piercing blue eyes increase the intensity of his gaze,” Weschler said.

For more information, www.southroadantiques.com or 917-903-8077.

'Faces of folk art" courtesy Firehouse Antiques

Firehouse Antiques, a group shop in Galena, Md., will mark its 15th year of doing the Pier show with a  focus on the “faces of folk art” in its booth. From cast iron to a face jug, to a carousel horse, painted wood carvings and portraits, the booth will offer an appealing presentation.

For more information, www.galenaantiquesdistrict.com or 410-648-5639.

Make sure to visit the dealers’ booths at Americana & Antiques at the Pier to see these and other fine Americana. For show information, www.stellashows.com or 973-808-5015

—Andrea Valluzzo


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