20 Reasons To Love Americana, Day 20

Today’s blog marks the final entry in our series of 20 standout examples of Americana that will be offered at the Winter Antiques Show, which opens tonight, January 19, and runs through January 29 at New York City’s Park Avenue Armory. After we recover from the hustle-bustle of covering all the Americana Week shows and auctions taking place this week, we’ll be back to blogging on other topics.

Thomas Colville Fine Art, Guilford, Conn., will feature a variety of fine paintings in his booth and a prime piece of eye candy will be this oil on canvas by renowned landscape painter Jasper Francis Cropsey (American, 1823–1900) titled “Autumn on the Hudson.”

The signed and date painting was done in 1885, the same year that Cropsey bought a home in Hastings-in-Hudson with a view of the Hudson River that provided the subject for most of his later work. The Cropsey home, which he dubbed “Ever Rest,” is listed on the National Register of Historic Places in New York and has been preserved by the Newington-Cropsey Foundation.

“ ‘Autumn on the Hudson’ harkens back to the artist’s earlier, more tightly painted compositions,” according to Colville, who writes, “In this intimate scene of a tranquil, secluded cove, one can imagine the figures as the artist and his wife gazing at the distant vista of the Palisades, bathed in the nostalgic haze of autumn light.”

For more information, www.thomascolville.com or 203-453-2449. Make sure to visit the dealer’s booth at the Winter Antiques Show to see this and other fine American paintings. For show information, www.winterantiquesshow.com or 212-987-0446.

-Andrea Valluzzo


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