20th Anniversary For Outsider Art Fair

Opening with a preview gala on Thursday, January 26, the Outsider Art Fair will celebrate 20 years as a tastemaker for all genres of non-traditional and self-taught artists at its 20th edition, being mounted in the 7W building on the corner of 34th Street and Fifth Avenue. Under the management of Sanford Smith & Associates, the show will feature 35 galleries  — representing over 250 artists — from North America, Europe, Asia and the Caribbean, January 27–29.

Eugene von Bruenchenhein, "No. 220. May 3, 1955," oil on art paperboard, 17 by 15 inches.

Dean Jensen Gallery, Milwaukee, Wisc., will feature this oil on art paperboard by Eugene von Bruenchenhein (American, 1910–1983) titled “No. 220. May 3, 1955.”  In the 1950s, the artist was perhaps inspired by the hydrogen bomb testing and began painting on small panels of Masonite or cardboard, vivid semi-abstractions, and working the surface of the paint with his fingers, comb or tools from the bakery he worked at.

Show veteran Marion Harris, New York City, will peel back the layers on the mysterious legacy of A.W. Gimbi (1857-?), a Pennysylvania barber who painstakingly carved hundreds of objects out of peach stones: shoes, baskets, letters, sewing tools, fishing hooks and more.

With the 100th anniversary of the Titanic’s sinking coming up in April, Henry Boxer will have a timely display that includes several Titanic drawings from artist George Widener, who has long been fascinated with the Titanic’s story and more so since discovering his namesake was a first class passenger who went down with the ship.

Galleries come from near and far to exhibit at this fair and Paris gallery Les Galerie les Singuliers will make its debut here. The gallery, which showcases artists whose aesthetic sense has been shaped by such influences as punk rock, street graphics, and ethnic art forms, will present a one-woman exhibit of Anne Van der Linden.

Dennis Filling, "Nightfall," 1973, mixed media, 14 by 22 inches.

The Ames Gallery, Berkeley, Calif.,  is debuting the drawings of Dennis Filling, who was born in New Castle, Penn, where his father was studying to become a master penman in the field of engrossing, a detailed form of calligraphy used to create certificates and citations. Expose to intricate detailing at an early age, it seems only natural that Filling went on to pursue art. Finding the confines of an art institute not to his taste, Filling went his own way and continued drawing in what was becoming his own distinctive style.

Filling’s abstract drawings show organic forms, some resembling microscopic views of bacteria. The work is distinguished by many thousands of tiny black ink dots, thin lines swirling across the paper filling all spaces. This aversion to blank space is known as horror vacui, a manic compulsion to fill every inch of the available paper or canvas with some kind of marks.

From obsessive mark-making to painting, sculptural works and other three-dimensional objects, the Outsider Art Fair will offer buyers plenty to see.

For more information, www.sanfordsmith.com or 212-777-5218.


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